Please note that this content is about Tokenomics V1 and is provided for reference purposes only. For more detailed information, please refer to ExtraFi Tokenomics V2.

Why Staking?

  • Earn weekly APR rewards

  • Unlock a higher leverage rate

  • Unlock one-click rebalance feature

(Coming soon ⬇️)

  • Participate in governance (proposal and voting)

  • Privilege to lending pools with high utilization

  • Unlock advanced farming tools

  • (More to come)

Staking Explanation


  • Epoch is the minimal lock-up unit to lock $EXTRA tokens to veEXTRA. On Extra Finance, one epoch is 7 days.

  • The start time of each epoch is UTC 00:00 every Thursday and ends at UTC 00:00 next Thursday.

  • A unlock date can only be the end time of each epoch.

Staking Reward Allocation

  • Reward source: staking rewards are sourced from both $EXTRA token emissions AND part of protocol fees accumulated in the last (i.e. n-1) epoch, all rewards will be swapped and collected as $EXTRA tokens for distribution for each epoch.

  • Reward allocations are based on your veEXTRA balance snapshotted at the beginning of an epoch and will be allocated proportionally.

  • The rewards accumulated during an epoch can be claimed after the end of that epoch.

(Notice: If you deposit in the middle of an epoch, there won't be rewards for that epoch. You will be eligible to gain staking rewards after the next epoch ends. That is to say, a full epoch is required to claim rewards.)

Step-by-Step Guide

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