Param & Fee



Minimum Entry Size

$10 (or equivalent)

The minimum amount of assets that a user can deposit to open a leveraged position.

Entrance Fee


Applicable to Leveraged Yield Farming & Lending

Exit Fee


Applicable to Leveraged Yield Farming & Lending

Leveraged Yield Farming


Re-investment Fee

6.5% * pool_factor

the breakdown of 6.5% is as follows:

  • 2% allocated for distribution to veEXTRA holders weekly.

  • 0.5% earmarked for covering the operational costs of bots responsible for auto-reinvestment.

  • 3% designated for the team treasury.

  • 1% allocated to the Rainy Day Fund, to cover unforeseen protocol risks.

pool_factor >= 1

(Check more details in the proposal.)

Borrowing Fee

0% ~ 0.3%

The Borrowing Fee, a portion of the amount borrowed, will be charged to buyback EXTRA when the position is closed.

  • Charges will range from 0% to 0.3%, with the possibility of increasing to 1% in extreme situations.

  • A standard rate of 0.1% will apply under normal conditions, with any increase beyond 0.3% requiring community approval.

  • Borrowing fees will be individually set for different farming pools.

(Check more details in the proposal.)

Liquidation Fee

8% * percent

A portion of the whole position is charged as a liquidation fee during the liquidation process.

When the LTV (loan to value) ratio of a position goes above the liquidation threshold, the user's position will be liquidated gradually to ensure debt repayment.

Any remaining assets will be returned to the user's wallet (after deductions of liquidation bounty).

percent is the percentage of the position, typically 30%. Exceptional scenario:

  • For large positions with a value larger than $100,000, 0%~30% of the whole position will be liquidated each time, the portion depends on liquidity depth.

  • For small positions with a value < $1, the whole position will be liquidated to avoid unnecessary transaction costs.

(50% of the liquidation fees collected will be distributed weekly to veEXTRA holders.)

Read more about Safe Liquidation 2.0 here, a mechanism aiming to enhance the security of leveraged positions, reduce liquidation fees for users, and mitigate secondary market risks.

Price-Range Trigger Fee


A portion of the total position is charged as a trigger fee during the Price-Range Trigger process.

When the price goes out of the price range user set in a position, the position will be closed by the price-range trigger bots.

After collecting the protocol fee from it, the remaining portion is given as a bonus to the bot that triggered the Price-Range. (Notice: if price-range closing is not triggered, no fee would be charged.)

For pool-specific parameters (eg. liquidation threshold), please find them here:

pagePool Info



Lending Reserve Fee


Percent of the borrowing interest profit of lenders that is collected as a performance fee; 7.5% (out of 15%) goes to veExtra holders. 7.5% goes to ExtraFi Team development fund.

(Please note that the lending APY shown on Dapp is after fees.)

At present, the liquidation and reinvestment bot operates within a whitelisted framework and is managed by the team and trusted partners to prevent malicious activities. As the protocol matures, there are plans for a gradual transition towards a permissionless model.

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