Thoroughly understand a farming position

When leveraged farming, it is always important to thoroughly understand your position. Let's explore the key information you should pay attention to regarding your position on Extra Finance.

Net Exposure

When you hover over the leverage rate on your position, you can view current long or short exposure to specific asset(s). If the displayed status appears as 'Neutral', it indicates that your position is approaching a state of having no exposure to risk assets.

Equity Value

Which is the estimated value you can get if you close your position. This column also shows your current PnL by value & percentage.

If you hover over it, you can review what you deposited, and how much you gained against both assets.


It is about your farming efficiency. Please note that your actual PnL is calculated based on: Farmed - Borrowing Fee - Impermanent Loss - Swap Fee

Sometimes high borrowing APR can lead to negative APY, Please pay attention to the total APR from time to time.

Liquidation Buffer

You can read from the chart about the liquidation point of the position intuitively. Please always keep the buffer SAFE to avoid potential liquidation.

Position Tunning

On Extra Finance you can adjust your position flexibly:

  • Add more collateral to keep your position safe

  • Increase leverage factor by borrowing more assets - Repay debt to de-leverage

  • And lastly, you can always choose which asset to exit with.

Expand More Information

Just click on your position, and it will expand to show more info including 'position duration', 'debt value', 'current price', and 'LP price'. Be sure to review this info to have a comprehensive understanding of your positions.

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