Close a Farming Position

To fully/partially withdraw from a farming position, simply follow the steps below:

(Please note that when you open a position, it can't be closed right away. You'll need to hold onto it for at least 5 minutes before you can close it.)

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:

  1. Click on the “Close” button on the position you’d like to close

  1. Partial Close: you have the option to either fully close the position or partially close it.

  1. Minimize Trading: this will have your position closed with the minimum required tokens to repay the debt. You will receive the remaining assets and could save on slippage and trading fees.

  1. Covert to Assets: If you choose this option, your position will be closed out and converted into the asset of your choice. The value of your position will be converted and returned to you after the debt is paid.

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