Open a Farming Position

To open a farming position, simply follow the steps below:

Video Tutorial:

Text Tutorial:

  1. Connect to your Web3 wallet (such as MetaMask. Please ensure that you have a sufficient amount of ETH to cover on-chain gas fees. These fees will be charged by the Optimism chain. ExtraFi still maintains 0.00 gas for in-app transactions)

  2. Select an available farming pool that you’d like to farm and click on “Farm

  1. Supply either one of the assets or both assets you’d like to invest(Note that the minimum asset value required for farming is $10 or equivalent)

  1. Set the leverage and specify the assets to borrow(One-click farming templates can also be selected)

  1. View the breakdown of the farming strategy and the simulation of the estimated PnL

  2. Click on "Confirm" and confirm the transaction on your wallet

  1. Once the transaction is processed, you can find the info about your farming position in the "My Positions" section on the Farm page.

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