Allocation & Emission

Please note that this content is about Tokenomics V1 and is provided for reference purposes only. For more detailed information, please refer to ExtraFi Tokenomics V2.


The $EXTRA token has a hard cap of 1,000,000,000 tokens, with the following allocation:

The owner authority of EXTRA token contract has been destroyed. Verify here. No more EXTRA can be minted.

* 60% (600,000,000) for the community

Monthly unlock for a period of 3 years. Monthly emissions start at 20M $EXTRA (2% of the total supply) and decay at 1% per month.

Emissions are planned to be allocated to:

  • Procotol Incentives, eg. lending pools, farming pools on Extra Finance

  • $EXTRA token liquidity pools on mainstream DEXes like Velodrome

  • $veEXTRA holders ($EXTRAtoken staking users)

according to a well-defined plan that aligns with the stage of protocol development.

For instance, during the early stages of the protocol, emissions primarily focus on lending pools on Extra Finance. This ensures that liquidity providers can borrow their desired amount of assets to implement leveraged farming.

* 26% (260,000,000) for ecosystem growth and partnerships

Quarterly unlock for a period of 3 years. Each quarter unlocks 2% of the total supply.

This section primarily focuses on protocol-to-protocol collaborations, protocol grants, and business development initiatives.

* 10% (100,000,000) for team

6-month cliff period + 30-month vesting period under a quarterly unlock plan. (After 6 month locking period, each quarter unlocks 1% of the total supply.)

* 3% (30,000,000) for airdrop

A comprehensive airdrop plan will be unveiled through our official blog, outlining the specific details and schedule. The airdrop itself will be executed in a series of sequential batches, with allocations designated for the community, ecosystem participants, and early users of the protocol. The initial airdrop will be carried out by the team, while subsequent airdrops will adhere to established governance procedures.

* 1% (10,000,000) for initial liquidity

To create liquidity pools for $EXTRA token on mainstream DEXes. The initial liquidity pool would be EXTRA-USDC on Velodrome.

Airdrop Scope

  • Testnet early users with valid feedback (including randomly selected Galxe OATs holders)

  • Top Optimism ecosystem delegators

  • Extra Finance Community OG & Zealy Adventures

  • TVL Contribution Event winners (Round 1&2)

  • Velodrome Users: both a liquidity provider AND a veVELO holder

  • Leverage yield farming enthusiasts

(The airdrop will be conducted in sequential batches.)

Vesting Schedule

$EXTRA token vesting plan is as follows, all tokens with a cap of 1,000,000,000 will be unlocked by the end of 36 months since its token launch.


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