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What is Extra Finance (🐦 @ExtraFi_io)

Extra Finance is a leveraged yield farming (LYF) protocol built on Optimism.
By offering up to 7x leverage, Extra Finance enables users to farm a diverse range of farming pools with customized farming strategies. Extra Finance also functions as a lending protocol, users can deposit funds to earn lending interest.

Core Features:

1) Flexible & powerful leveraged liquidity providing
  • With 3x and higher leverage factor, users could tailor their farming strategies through options such as re-investing, market-neutral, or farming with a long/short viewpoint.
  • Users can choose any paired asset to deposit, or borrow a customized ratio of the paired asset to implement a leveraged strategy. A real-time position simulation will be shown accordingly.
2) Lend to earn passive income
Users can deposit assets into lending pools to earn interest on their deposited assets. It provides users with a way to earn passive income.
3) Stablecoin & LST Optimized leveraged yield farming
By implementing a new interest rate model, the protocol will serve as an innovative platform to optimize earnings by minimizing borrowing costs and reducing interest rate fluctuations.
Extra Finance is audited by BlockSec & PeckShield.

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How Extra Finance Works

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